6 Steps to eating more fiber to Stay Full & Cut Calories in your day

Dietary fiber isn’t just for weight loss but it brings along a surfeit of benefits like clear skin, clear stomach, low cholesterol levels, controlled blood pressure, controlled blood sugar, healthier bones, protection against cancer, and more. It feeds the gut-friendly bacteria and improves gut health which in turn has a domino effect on your overall health. If you find it hard to sneak in fiber in your daily diet then here’s a complete guide to fit in fiber at each meal to stay full, cut down calories and reap the other benefits it brings to your plate:

1. Breakfast at 8 am

Kick start your day by including fiber from your first meal of the day – breakfast. Keep spinach leaves or mushrooms or bell peppers handy; stir-fry them with eggs to make a scrumptious and filling breakfast that is high in fiber and protein. Other options can include tomatoes, onions, coriander… and if you like traditional Indian breakfast, then a bowl of lentils and a wholegrain roti would do the job. For the oatmeal lovers, load your bowl with strawberries other fibrous fruits and slivered almonds. If you are not a breakfast person, then go for a vegetable/fruit smoothie sans sugar.

2. Snacks at 11:30 am

Ideally, at this time you should be taking a warm cup of green tea & lemon to boost metabolism and stay alert. However, if you are feeling the munchies already, then fill yourself with fruits to relish a delectable dose of multivitamins and minerals besides fiber. Eat an apple, strawberries, banana, orange, mango, guava, raspberries, or kiwi.

3. Lunch at 2 pm

It is easy to include fiber in lunch! Grab a bowl of salad that includes bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, onions, beets, etc for lunch. Pour lentils (dal) and mixed vegetables, and keep just 1 multigrain roti. Steer clear of white rice, and if you must, then opt for brown rice.

4. Snacks at 4:30 pm

Accompany your evening cup of java with a homemade wholegrain walnut muffin or oatmeal cookie. Pick a healthy snack that is full of fiber. Wholewheat porridge, oats, corn, etc are other options to choose from.

5. Something at 6:30 pm

On your way back home, munch on an apple/banana to keep yourself energized and full until dinner, a small bowl of sprouts or a handful of nuts is also a good deal at this time.

6. Dinner at 8 pm

Dinner should be light. A bowl of green salad (without dressing) fortified with flaxseed (roasted and grounded) is something you should never miss. A bowl of hot daal is enough to call it a day!

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