Do You Really Need to Exercise Control on your Birthday-Night Dinner?

So you’ve been eating clean & green, steering clear of all sugar & junk, and practicing Intermittent Fasting along with staying moderately active. But it’s your Birthday Dinner tonight and you don’t want to cheat your health goals thinking that you’ll gain weight with the binge the party entails. However, to your good surprise, one-night of binge eating doesn’t harm you permanently.

As per health experts, even if you overdo one meal, most probably you won’t outnumber 3500 calories, which in turn can make you gain a paltry 500 gms at the max. The next day, your weighing scale may show a rise of a Kilogram or so, thanks to water retention that junk food ensues; however, that will sideline once you bounce back to your clean eating routine.

So worry not, try to eat healthy but don’t shy away from relishing that creamy cake, some ice-cream, your favorite kebabs or pizza or tacos, and fetch a margarita on the rocks, coz after all, it’s your birthday tonight!

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