5 Tiny Things that help Fight Inflammation Every Day

From anxiety to belly fat to cancer to depression, inflammation is one health woe that can land you in the A to Z of health issues if not tackled effectively. While going for cleansing detoxes once in a while or resorting to anti-inflammation supplements can be helpful to address chronic inflammation; listed here are five ways to nip the bud on this monster every single day.

1. Avoid Sugar

Sugar is a silent killer and a root cause of inflammation. Sugar increases the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. You must deal with sugar like alien trespassing inside your body and wreaking havoc on your bodily functions.

2. Say Yes to Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods

Anti-inflammatory Superfoods like turmeric & ginger are highly effective in addressing inflammation. Add turmeric to your cup of coffee or glass of milk, or drink a turmeric elixir altogether to boost your health. Include ginger in daily meals, morning tea, and your warm serve of green tea, besides opting for fresh ginger tea on alternative days.

3. Sulphur Rich Foods

Sulfur is another trace mineral that helps tame inflammation in the brain, gut, and DNA. It aids the process of methylation by inhibiting the release of homocysteine – an inflammatory amino acid. Source sulfur from everyday foods like onions, garlic, eggs, walnuts, red bell peppers, seafood, parmesan cheese, etc.

4. Go Green

Green vegetables are known to combat inflammation. Drink your veggies in the morning if you can’t chow down a full bowl. It will not just help you fight inflammation but also will help you shed extra weight.

5. Eat Mindfully & Stress Less

Lastly, eat mindfully; away from gadgets and hustle-bustle of life, have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with people that lift you up. Stress is also a precursor to inflammation. Chill with good people, worry less, and eat mindfully to stay healthy and happy!

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