3 Life Skills for Young Entrepreneurs from Lavish’s CEO Aarushi

Aarushi, Founder - Lavish

Aarushi, Founder & Director of Lavish – a rising exporter of fashion accessories, costume & handmade jewelry, handbags, and garments, left her corporate career to take her entrepreneurial plunge in 2017. Based out of Dwarka, New Delhi, Aarushi started Lavish with an investment of Rs.30,000 and single-handedly scaled the company to Rs.20 Lacs in annual revenue within three years.

Today Lavish exports to the US, UK, Greenland, and Columbia, among others, and supplies products to retailers, wholesalers, and brands, globally. The company is empowering women artisans in various rural areas of India especially Uttar Pradesh. Aarushi shares that she has a team of 30-40 women who make all kinds of articles by hand and work for daily wage to earn a living.

In a recent conversation with SheTalks, Aarushi shared her journey so far and the life skills that helped her triumph as a young entrepreneur. Let’s delve:

1. Risks & Sacrifice

Aarushi explains while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, prepare to make sacrifices, and take risks. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires an intense level of dedication to your dream, and this means sacrificing both time and money to make it happen.

2. Connections & Advice

Never stop making good connections, and hiring good people advises Aarushi. Have an ear to the advice and suggestions you get for your business, whether from family, friends, or employees. You get to learn a lot from good and knowledgeable people and eventually help in your business.

3. Believe in yourself

Lastly, believe in your instincts and talent. Have patience and determination to achieve your goals. However, when you want others to believe in you, the first step is keeping your words, this will become the foundation of your success, concludes Aarushi.

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