ARTH CEO Shreya Gautam lists 3 Takeaways for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs on Women’s Day

An ardent advocate of vocal for local, mompreneur and ex-cabin crew – Shreya Gautam founded ARTH to provide a platform to Indian jewelry artisans and technicians. ARTH by Shreya Gautam is amongst a few brands that are allowed to showcase their products at the prestigious KVIC exhibitions and stores in India and globally. “We are all accustomed to digitalisation and modernisation yet one must never forget their roots,” says Shreya. Through her exquisite and contemporary jewelry designs, Shreya is adding a tinge of modernity to the legacy of Khadi stores in India.

On International Women’s Day 2021, Shreya opened about her success story and shared her key learnings as a woman entrepreneur who left a sky-rising career in the aviation sector and took the entrepreneurial plunge. Here are three takeaways for aspiring women entrepreneurs from Shreya’s success story. Over to Shreya Gautam:

1. It’s never too late to start

A lot of women think that once you become a mother, specially the second time, you forget your identity and keep everything on the back burner. I did the same too, but I had made up my mind much before that it would be temporary, at least till my kids were old enough to need less attention.

I put my plan in motion when my younger one turned two, in order to be able to get back out there by the time she hit age 3.

ARTH by Shreya Gautam

2. Believe in yourself

Don’t back down only because someone didn’t believe in you. Give them a reason to and if they still don’t, well, you don’t need such people around you. The only person you need to impress is YOU.

3. Channel your energy

No matter how negative the situation is, no matter how frustrated you are, it’s important to focus on the endgame rather than getting distracted by the hurdles. Easier said than done, but it’s worth a try.

My journey hasn’t been all roses, there were quite a few thorns along the way and I would get really affected by things said and done. But after a point I realized, it was a wasted effort. It was holding me back and I had to break free and move on.

Shreya founded ARTH to give wings to her ideas and for the penchant she has for elegant statement jewelry. The exquisite jewelry pieces are available at the Khadi Store, Fort, Mumbai and can be ordered online on the brand’s website –

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