Want to become a Mom Blogger? Top 5 Tips by @Momzdiary’s Anisha Agrawal

Anisha Agrawal (@Momzdiary)

With Instagram and Facebook feeds buzzing with amazing Mom bloggers sharing their expert tips and milestones, while enjoying and earning along with their motherhood, many amongst us want to become a mom blogger; however, don’t know where to begin. 

She Talks India reached out to @Momzdiary’s Anisha Agrawal to know the secret code behind her 20K (+growing) Instagram followers and what it takes to become one of the most collaborated mom bloggers in India. Anisha’s blogging journey also led her to become the co-founder of Nagpur Moms Club and Head of Distribution Network at ClassMonitor, an early education platform for modern parents. We hope the readers will relate to Anisha’s journey and learn from her experience as a successful mom blogger.

Over to Anisha:

Embracing motherhood, when you are just 23 years old and married in an unknown city, it feels like a really bad idea. But who knew these things would turn into my favor, and instead of feeling lost, I got a new direction in life which felt right. My daughter was six months old when I started Instagramming by the name Momzdiary. I started sharing random, unstructured content that portrayed my creativity in teaching and grooming my daughter. It turned out that I was Blogging some real helpful stuff, and in just three years, I gained almost 20K organic mommy followers, who have become my very own virtual family. 

Nagpur Moms Club came into existence when I realized there might be many Moms like me who feel lost in a new city. So, I started the club with 3 of my friends. It has since become a medium for sharing basic information about the city, networking, and making friends. After two years of it, we have become a family of 15K Nagpur Moms. 

ClassMonitor was again meant-to-be. I met the owner for collaboration with my Instagram page and instead ended up taking a franchise for the product. He soon realized this work is the best fit for me, so I was made head of resellers pan India. Today, I have 90+ Moms in my team who are working from home, and the goal is to empower hundreds of them. All of this made me realize that everything does happen for a reason. These tasks pushed me in the right direction towards my true strength, which I believe is good People skills. 

My advice to anyone aspiring to become a blogger would be to be patient and hang in there. The rough phases in life will bring out your strengths and take you closer to your destiny. 

How to become a Mom Blogger?

Here are five key aspects that all aspiring Mom Bloggers can consider, as per Anisha Agarwal, to grow on Instagram and other social media platforms: 

1. Know Your Niche

It is crucial to identify your niche and focus on what you are best at so that it is comfortable and familiar for you in the beginning. Don’t become a part of the rat race, and do not opt for inorganic means of growing as it will take you nowhere. 

2. Stay Real

Many things on social media are fake, where it is all about showing the best of everything. But mothers are smart and intuitive, so they know what is real and what is not. Staying real will help you connect well with your audience. 

3. Be Approachable

Even if your content is great, you have to stay in touch with your followers, or else they will lose interest. You must address their issues, respond to their comments, and stay in touch with them. 

4. Attractive Grid

Even though content plays an important role, your grid/pictures must be attractive enough to catch your viewers’ attention in the first place. First impressions do last for long. 

5. Don’t Make It An Advertising Page

Last but certainly the most important thing is to make your content unique and not just run after collaborations. Collaboration is a small part of blogging, but the real success factor is ultimately how you stand out in your field.

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