3 Dental Procedures Every Bride-to-be Must Consider

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This five-letter word with an exclamation at the end is what a bride hears the most, not only her wedding day but during all pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. Every bride wants to be the “topic of the town” at her wedding. However, while covering all minute preparations for the wedding, the most important point is overlooked – your teeth.

A million-dollar smile is worth the effort and preparation it requires for the brides-to-be. It may take a few months to attain it. The quarantine and COVID-19 situation have given a little extra time to those getting hitched anytime soon. Here are 3 important dental procedures that brides-to-be can consider to make their wedding portraits – a bliss!

1. Professional Teeth Cleaning & Whitening

This treatment ranges from simple tooth cleaning to tooth whitening procedure depending upon the level of discoloration. If discoloration is present, then go for in-office teeth whitening procedure at least two weeks prior to the wedding. After that, just avoid tooth-staining foods like coffee, tea, red wines, etc.

2. Smile Designing

If there is a mal-alignment of your teeth, then it can be corrected and aligned perfectly with orthodontic treatment (braces). With the advancement of cosmetic dentistry, there are many options available like Invisalign or porcelain brackets that do away with the traditional metal brackets. However, this treatment needs a few months to align teeth that make for a beautiful smile.

3. Dental Veneers

This is the best treatment option for crooked, chipped, and in-dental fluorosis. This is a faster way to achieve a pleasant smile. In this procedure, a veneer i.e., a layer of composite or porcelain material, is placed over a tooth to improve the aesthetics.

Apart from these cosmetic dental procedures, there a plenty of quick fixes that can makeover your smile and prep for that white-pearly smile on your D-Day!

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Dr. Deepti Pahwa Talwar
Dr. Deepti Pahwa Talwar is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. She has been practicing dentistry since 2009 at Panchkula, Haryana. An avid implant lover and expert in total mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Deepti can be seen gardening in her free time exploring her love for planting and grafting.