5 Healthy Habits to stick to even Post COVID-19

This year the gusto of Holi was dampened amidst the worldwide scare of the fast-spreading pandemic, COVID-19. But none of us (except the over-enthusiastic fictional story writers) could, even in our wildest imagination, think of a complete lock-down where we would be confined within the walls of our house. Straight out of a Hollywood movie, it was unimaginable until it happened.

The lockdown was a necessary step and has been both a boon and a bane. A bane for those who have been stuck away from their families, people whose depression/ anxiety issues got worse, women stuck at homes with physically abusive husbands and in-laws. And a boon for those who utilized this time constructively to recognize and voice their hidden talents, following their passions, taking time out for themselves and their families.

For those of us who are workaholics and had lost themselves in the fast-paced way of life, the lockdown came as a god-sent respite.

Stuck inside our homes for more than four months now, we’ve also realized our priorities and what really matters!

While the lockdown has been eased and it almost seems like it has been lifted, many of us are still working from home or staying home till normalcy resumes. However, even after things go back to normal and you go back to the fast-paced way of life, here are five things you should definitely continue doing for your self-development:

1.     Taking time out, for yourself

This is of utmost importance and acts as a huge stress buster. The best part about me-time is that it can be done in any way, be it meditation, practicing mindfulness, just sitting in silence, reading your favorite book, spending time in your kitchen garden, or anything that makes you happy and connects you with your inner self.

2.     Spending time with family

After all, who else have we got?
And yes, friends are family too.

3.     Your interests & hobbies

Whether you’re busy with homemaking, long office hours, family, relationships, studies, do not lose sight of your hobbies and interests. Continue fueling your passions.

4.     Self-growth

Change is the only constant, and growth is all about changing i.e., getting rid of habits that don’t serve you and simultaneously adopting habits that foster self-growth. Never stop growing!

5.    Cutting toxic people out of our lives

The lock-down has indeed been a blessing in disguise as it has taught many of us to survive on our own. It also has, in a way shown us, who actually cares, consequently filtering the real v/s fake. Often, even when we are aware that someone is taking undue advantage of us, is toxic for our mental health; is not a value addition; causes unnecessary stress, we hesitate in cutting them off from our lives due to a variety of reasons. But now, since the lock-down has taught us that ‘WE ARE ENOUGH,’ feel free to cut off all of those toxic ties that you were navigating while capsizing yourself. After all, good riddance is a real deal!

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Oprah Winfrey said- “Follow your passion; it will lead you to your purpose” and passion is what led Anukampa here. A lawyer by profession, even though Anukampa’s actions speak louder than words, she has a way with words and an innate passion for altruism. Being ‘the girl in the city’ familiarizes her with many of the day-to-day issues we face, with an added advantage of being an insider in the legal profession which enables her to comprehend the women issues at play in the society and the legalities involved. Passionate about chic spirituality, mental health issues, women empowerment, and a lot of other sociological mumbo jumbos, Anukampa is into binge-watching Netflix, just like the rest of us!