Mastering Communication Skills – The skill which is often Miscomprehended!

Master Communication Skills

We have reached a point in civilization where an exchange of ideas drives each one of us, and hence communication has become the moving force of the world. Verbal communication is often erroneously considered as mastery of a language, but the perspective I am bringing in light here describes it in an entirely different way. We often think mastering a language (Hindi, English, French, etc.) is equivalent to mastering communication skills. Well, having a command over a language definitely aids in expressing oneself in a better way, but that is only a small piece of the big puzzle and not the whole puzzle itself. Mastering the skill of communication is about leaving a subtle affirmative impact on the listener and bringing forth one’s point of view in a way which could be accepted and registered effortlessly, without any resistance.

The puzzle of mastering communication has its pieces: establishing a personal connection, eye contact, voice modulation, body language, clarity of thought, the right balance of humility and assertiveness, the choice of words, a balanced perspective, just the right dose of humor (depending on the situation), the authenticity of words and intention, and a mind utterly aware of the words being spoken. When all these pieces of the puzzle are combined, the solved puzzle, i.e., ‘mastering communication,’ empowers one to not only win people and make connections but also gives a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s discuss two of the finest speakers of the time: Justin Trudeau – the current prime minister of Canada and Michelle Obama – the former first lady of the U.S.A. They present excellent examples of great communicators, and their communication is inclusive of all elements of the complete puzzle. They do leave the subtle affirmative impact on the listeners’ minds, and their words are registered in the minds effortlessly.

The language could be any, but the skill of communication empowers you to get what you want, irrespective of the language you speak. Each one of us has it all, which is required to be proficient in communication skills. All that is needed is a little polishing.  

More to come in the series. Stay tuned to Mastering Communication Skills.

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Japleen Kaur
Japleen is an ardent Public Relations Expert and has a wide experience of more than 10 years in the Corporate and Education sector. She loves to explore the fields of communication, human behavior, and personality grooming. Her writing is relatable, and she deciphers complexity and presents it in comprehensible words. Her words are indeed a feast for readers!