Best Makeup Tips for Zoom Meetings | Look Great & Rock Those Virtual Meetings

Let’s be real, working from home has great benefits – zero traffic-induced stress, flexible schedules, comfy clothes, increased savings, and more time with your loved ones. On the contrary, it also has challenges like connectivity issues, lack of routine, or looking professional on Zoom calls.

Guess what, looking great and professional on video calls might seem a complex task, but it isn’t. We get confused because we don’t understand how the rules of makeup change with a camera vs. in real life. The effects of surroundings, lighting, camera’s position can alter your perception on a screen. Moreover, it’s hard to find the motivation to apply makeup for a 30-min call.  

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to glam-up for the camera with minimal effort and smash those meetings with your professional look and confidence.

  • Chuck the mirror. Yes, you read that right. Understand that you’re not doing a usual makeup. It is for the camera. And cameras tend to flatten your face and make you look washed out. Use a webcam instead of the mirror to know how you’re going to look on the screen to your colleagues.
  • Do not skip your regular skincare routines while working from home. Good skin gives you a healthy glow that no makeup can substitute. So before putting on any makeup – cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin well. 
  • Next, apply a BB cream to your face. You do not need heavy coverage, so BB creams should do the trick. But if you love wearing foundations, then by no means you should avoid it. Apply some on your neck as well. If you fear looking washed out, then add a drop of bronzer in your BB cream or foundation to give you just the right amount of color. 
  • The camera tends to pick every little acne scar, dark circle, inflammation, and redness on your face. So pick a concealer that is lighter to your skin shade and apply on those problematic areas.
  • Now dab some compact or loose powder to set the base and to avoid looking cakey.
  • The camera tends to make us look pale and lifeless. Pick a vibrant shade of cream blush and dab it on the apple of your cheeks with a beauty blender or clean fingers. Apply a little brighter than your regular days because cameras do not pick it up well if it is not looking darker, or I should say brighter. 
  • You can play with lip colors as per your mood. You can also go with lip tints, lip glosses if you are not willing to put up an all bright lipstick while sitting at home. Even a lip balm is also a good option. You can team it up with any lip shade too. Additionally, do not forget to include a lip scrub regularly in your routine so that nobody is going to get you on the camera with all chapped lips.
  • Now apply two coats of mascara to your lashes. Line your inner eyes with a nude or white eye pencil to open your sleepy and lazy eyes (we all know how it looks when we work from home).
  • Believe it or not, but eyebrows are a real game-changer when it comes to makeup. It does not matter if you have not threaded or waxed your brows due to pandemic and safety purposes. In fact, unruly and bushy brows are in trend these days. They are very versatile. Just grab your eyebrow pencil and lightly fill and color. There is no need to spend your precious time shaping them. Preferable shades are dark brown, light brown, grey, and charcoal black.
    Pro-Tip: Avoid darker hues of black like Jet. 
  • Lastly, do not forget your lush and flowing hair. Spray some dry shampoo and pull your hair up in a neat ponytail or a bun. Messy buns and hair look good in person but not on camera. Messy hairstyles don’t go with professional meetings. 

Go, rock those virtual meetings with your looks now! 

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Shampa Chatterjee
Shampa Chatterjee is a certified makeup artist with more than 5 years of professional experience in New Delhi, India. Shampa loves reading and researching skincare as she firmly believes that good skin is the best makeup. She is an ex-journalist, who moved towards makeup and skincare to pursue her passion.”