Personal Connection: The first piece of the puzzle called Communication Skills

One thing that most of us seek is a connection, and a genuine connection in communication is always comforting. When somebody builds an authentic connection with us, it is uplifting, we are totally in the moment and give our listening ears to the person.

There lies the first piece of the puzzle: Establishing a personal connection. What is it that a performer on stage does to engage the audience and leave the maximum impact? Well, you must have guessed, the performer establishes a personal connection with the audience.

Personal connection is the binding force that holds a communication together, and communicators too. From yesteryears to today, one thing that has changed is the ability to understand the perspective of the speaker. Because of the rush in the minds, we hear outwardly, and that rush is calmed with a genuine personal connection. Something that fills the gap between what is being spoken by the speaker and what is being understood by the listener. 

Now, we get that the first piece of the puzzle is establishing a personal connection. But, how do we establish that link? Let’s see:

1.     The first thing which helps in establishing a personal connection is offering genuine respect. Trust me; it is equally reciprocated.

2.     Open body language also does the magic (an independent topic for a different post).

3.     Paying equal attention to the listener’s words as to your own words also aids in establishing a strong communication channel.

4.  The choice of words plays a significant role in establishing a great link. Poor choice of words can completely turn off communication.

5.     A genuine intention behind the words completes the entire process.

Respect, open body language, genuinely listening to the other party, the right choice of words, and authentic intention aids in establishing a flawless personal link with the listener. 

Mastering Communication Skills – The skill which is often Miscomprehended!

The best communicators open up the heart of the listener with a personal connection. Once the heart opens up, the listener is in a hypnotic space. Well, try listening to famous celebrities (or maybe Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, or any of your favorite celebrity). They are experts in winning us over with their words because they establish a connection with us by touching our emotional chords, owning a space in our minds when they speak, and hence, we easily register their perspective/s.

Next time you talk to somebody, try establishing an honest connection, and see the difference in the quality of communication.

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Japleen Kaur
Japleen is an ardent Public Relations Expert and has a wide experience of more than 10 years in the Corporate and Education sector. She loves to explore the fields of communication, human behavior, and personality grooming. Her writing is relatable, and she deciphers complexity and presents it in comprehensible words. Her words are indeed a feast for readers!