The WOW Life’s Shivli Bembey Explains How To Turn Flight into Courage & Fight into Calmness

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The WOW Life – may seem like a dream; however, according to Shivli Bembey, it is very much attainable. In a recent conversation with She Talks India, founder of the wellness platform – The WOW Life, Shivli explained how to deal with the flight and fight mode like a boss.

Over to Shivli Bembey:

As a Lifestyle Expert, I am humbled to have met amazing people from across the globe as my clients and peers. The common thing amongst them was, while they played multiple roles as a friend, mother, wife, daughter, colleague, boss, solo traveler, a divorcee/bachelor/or a live-in partner, they were all constantly switching between Fight & Flight modes. 

The Fight to achieve or fulfill something like feeding your child those three meals a day while they start acting up every time, or a boss who refuses to recognize your potential, as much you showcase your strengths and be assertive. This is a lot of Energy exhausted and leaves you feeling depleted, as you are literally burning yourself out. 

Then there are those other times when you choose to just procrastinate, not acknowledge, or simply want to disappear, the Flight mode. Wanting to hide in the closet/toilet by yourself and just be left alone, even by your thoughts, sadly leaves you feeling depleted again. 

So how do we manage this Fight-Flight drama?

Manage, is the key word here, and yes, it is easier said than done. This is also where wellness companions such as me, help you not only manage but sustain those skills, practices, and tools that will aid you to generate courage when you are in Flight mode and calmness when you are in the Fight mode. Managing something or multiple things should be a struggle once in a while but when it is constant, it needs to be sorted. 

Courage during flight mode is the energy that you need to harness. Your energy here needs that fire that helps burn out those overwhelming thoughts. You can then get up and take charge for all the right reasons so that things don’t pile up, inviting that guilt, frustration, questioning yourself and none of which is good for your wellbeing. 

Calmness can work its magic when you have the awareness that you can use your energy appropriately, instead of always making sure that everything is done to the T, going all out, turning it into a do or die, ending up questioning your credibility and self-esteem, thereby encouraging the demons of fight mode. A smooth flow of energy like air and water will help you make those positive life changes meet your goals without losing yourself or your identity.

I would like to share with you a technique of doing this:

When I gained a lot of weight because of my Thyroid, I found my energy all over the place. It was not serving any purpose. I was frantically trying everything and anything or would just give up for days, clearly, I could see no change. My Fight-Flight syndrome was working against me. This led me to understand how energy works and how I can generate, store, unblock, activate and channelize it to find courage and calmness that actually helped me get those positive results in my tests results and uplifted my self-worth. I would encourage you to learn this practical language of Energy that effectively and in reality can be made a part of your lifestyle. 

Let’s together turn Flight into Courage & Fight into Calmness. It’s only when you are truly courageous for yourself that you would not need to flight, and only when you are calm, you know what and how is worth fighting for yourself.

– By Shivli Bembey, Founder, The WOW Life

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