How to lose Belly Fat when Workouts or Calorie Watch is not your thing?

In your 40s you are far from calling your belly fat a baby bulge; and if cross-fit training or workouts is not your thing and you cannot just survive on a 1500 calorie diet, the belly fat seems to be just staying permanent as an extended part of your body, Right? Definitely not!

Women across the globe have vouched on torching belly fat by just being active and monitoring their sugar/junk food intake. Let’s take a look at one such success story where a woman in her 40s shared 6 things that helped her shed belly fat in just 3 months time:

1. Alternate Day IF

The human body hits a plateau when it follows a similar routine for years. Try Intermittent Fasting on alternate days to challenge your body besides allowing yourself time to adjust to IF. In routine do not eat/drink (except water) anything from 8pm to 8am, thereby allowing yourself a fasting window of 12 hours, and on the IF day try to stretch your fasting window more than 12 hours. When your body doesn’t get energy from food, it utilizes body fat including the belly fat to keep you up – a state known as Ketosis.

2. Abstain Sugar (in all forms)

If you are really serious about torching your belly fat then you really need to abstain sugar and junk food in all forms. While as a health watcher you steer clear of artificial sugar, on this journey you must give up or limit the sugar found in natural forms like mangoes, ripened banana, refined flours, etc. Also, you must add more veggies, lean protein and healthy fats in your day. Try this for 3 months, it’ll be nothing but worthwhile.

3. Stop Overeating

Women tend to overeat while working in the kitchen. Make it a rule to eat from the plate and avoid eating while standing. Also, new mothers get into the habit of eating leftovers of their kids. This is one habit, you must avoid at all costs.

4. Sleep More

It’s not a secret anymore that your burn body fat while sleeping. The regeneration and reformation of tired muscles helps you recoup energy for the next day, makes you less hungry and improves your mood. All of which helps you get in shape. Aim at at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

5. Walk More

Walking has a good effect on your belly. The movement of your steps helps burn belly fat faster. Aim at taking at least 10K to 20K steps each day. Wanna reach goals faster? Try brisk walking for 15 minutes each day and see how it impacts your overall physique.

6. De-Stress

Your cortisol levels directly impact your belly fat. If you are otherwise lean, but have a protruding middle, it can be blamed to your stress levels that produce cortisol – the stress hormone. Take time to de-stress by dancing, meditating and just taking life the way it comes.

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