Win the Wake-Up Conflict Each Morning with this NLP Hack

Each morning there’s a conflict of two voices in our head – one that says ‘you should get up’ ‘time to wake up’; and the other one just bargains, ‘few more minutes please’, ‘it’s nice and cozy here’, ‘need just 5 more minutes’, and so on. No wonder, 99% of us set the alarm clock at least 15 minutes ahead of the actual time we want to wake up.

While there’s no harm in this ordeal, however, if you truly want to save those 15 minutes early morning or rather each morning, there’s a simple way to trick your mind.

As per NLP expert Phil Parker, rather than saying, ‘I should get up’ when the alarm goes off, say ‘Gotta Get-Up, got things to do’ or ‘Gotta Get-Up, Washroom’, or whatever is the first action that you plan to do once you wake up every morning.

And if you really want to stay a morning person all your life, simply do a few things in a pattern each morning. Wire your brain to follow a morning routine for a month and it will create pathways that will make it easy for you to get up, every day at the same time.

Your bio-rhythm too adjusts itself to the same time when you follow a routine over a period of time, say two weeks.

Also, it is important to have a sleep routine if you want to build a good morning routine. Retire to bed at the same time each night. For example, 10 o’clock, to wake up fresh at 5:30 or 6am, the next morning.

When your body is at rest, thoroughly relaxed, you feel more energetic and convincing yourself to just bounce out of bed is not required. However, when you are bereft of sleep, you wake up groggy, with achy legs, lack of brain function and the result is evident, you just do not wish to get out of bed and try to bargain a few extra minutes of sleep, only to feel guilty later.

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