3 Tips to Save Money on Flights

A little planning for your international holiday can save you money and help you explore the other side of the world without costing a bomb. Stay, food, and flights are three main expenses that you need to workaround. While you can find the best deal for your staycation with your holiday partner; here are 3 tips to save money on flights:

1. Go Direct

We often assume that flight aggregators offer the lowest flight prices; however, this isn’t always the case. Since most of the aggregator websites act as facilitators only, various airlines cost you less when booked directly than the price charged by the flight aggregators. It is better to get on the internet and compare prices than just book blindly without cross-checking with the airline.

2. One-way or Two-Way

Do not always book a two-way ticket. At times a one-way ticket at the beginning and one at the end of the vacation can save you much more money than a two-way ticket. Also, look out for local airlines as they cost you less than international biggies.

3. Flash Sales

When planning for a holiday, always keep an eye for instant sales/ cashback offers/ heavy discounts, etc. Flash sales generally happen during holiday seasons but at times when the airlines fail to get the anticipated bookings on different routes and flights, they do give discounts. Use applications like Google Flights so that as soon as there is a price drop, you’re immediately notified.

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