How to Stop Worrying for Good?

Anxiety and stress have become common terms. Most of us experience these two emotions almost every single day. One of the most common causes of mental stress is a worry. Worrying unnecessarily about the future just adds a burden to your mind. Not just the future, there could be n number of reasons behind your worry. However, in this time and age, worrying is futile. It sucks productivity out of your day, only to regret later.

Here are 5 steps to rewire your brain and stop worrying:

1. Pause

The moment you start to worry about a thing, it’s important to get mindful of the cause of your worry and ask yourself ‘Is it worth worrying about?’If the answer is ‘No’ then just close your eyes and observe your belly as it rises when you breathe in and squeezes when you breathe out. Stay in this position for 3 minutes as you are just trying to calm your mind and combat anxiety. However, if your answer is ‘Yes’, read Step# 2.

2. Introspect

The next question you must ask yourself is that ‘Can you do something about it?’

If the answer is a stern ‘Yes’, you’ll get some solutions; but if it’s a feeble ‘No’, then don’t waste your time and carry on with other important tasks at hand. If you believe in God, leave things up to him, if you really cannot do anything about your situation; but if you have some solutions, it’s time to read Step# 3.

3. Take Control

Worrying is your brain’s indication that something is not right. When you pause and introspect, your brain might give you a few possible solutions to end problems in your life. Take control of your situation and create a small roadmap of how you are going to address your situation and sort things.

4. Gain Confidence

Discuss your plan with your support system – the people you trust. Analyze their point of view to ensure that you are not driven out of your worries and anxiety. It will help you to make prudent decisions.

5. Act

Change your situation and do all you can do to end your worries. Remember, “we’re the ones, we’ve been waiting for” & “nothing will change until you do”!

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